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CNS activity of Vitex negundo Linn. in miceGupta, Malaya; Mazumder, Upal Kanti; Bhawal, Sima RaniIJEB Vol.37(02) [February 1999]143-146
RT-PCR and its detection limit for cell culture grown bluetongue virus 1 using NS1 gene group specific primersPrasad, G; Minakshi; Malik, Y; Maan, SIJEB Vol.37(12) [December 1999]1255-1258
Butachlor is cytotoxic and clastogenic and induces apoptosis in mammalian cellsPanneerselvam, N; Sinha, S; Shanmugam, GIJEB Vol.37(09) [September 1999]888-892
Gallotannin hydrolysis by immobilized fungal mycelia in a packed bed bioreactorBajpai, Bhakti; Banerjee, Tushar; Patil, ShridharIJEB Vol.37(01) [January 1999]94-97
Malignant transformation of Syrian hamster embryo (SHE) cells in culture by malachite green: An agent of environniental importanceMahudawala, Daisy M; Redkar, Alka A; Wagh, Ashwiny; Gladstone, Betty; Rao, K V KIJEB Vol.37(09) [September 1999]904-918
Plant beneficial effect of two strains of Proteus vulgaris isolated from tea plantationsBarthakur, Manoj; Bezbaruah, BalamaniIJEB Vol.37(09) [September 1999]919-924
Modulation of some gluconeogenic enzyme activities in diabetic rat liver and kidney: Effect of antidiabetic compoundsGupta, Dhananjay; Raju, Jayadev; Baquer, Najma ZaheerIJEB Vol.37(02) [February 1999]196-199
Superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione peroxidase activities in the brain of streptozotocin induced diabetic ratsRamanathan, M; Jaiswal, A K; Bhattacharya, S KIJEB Vol.37(02) [February 1999]182-183
Human granulosa cells in vitro: Influence of GnRH/GnRH-agonist on steroidogenesis and on IVF outcomeStevenson, A F GIJEB Vol.37(12) [December 1999]1167-1170
Induction of salt tolerants by triadimefon in pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L.) Millsp.Karikalan, L; Rajan, S N; Gopi, R; Sujatha, B M; Panneerselvam, RIJEB Vol.37(08) [August 1999]825-829