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Effect of standardized extract of Ocimum sanctum Linn. on gastric mucosal offensive and defensive factorsGoel, R K; Sairam, K; Dorababu, M; Prabha, T; Rao, Ch VIJEB Vol.43(08) [August 2005]715-721
Bacopa monniera Linn. extract modulates antioxidant and marker enzyme status in fibrosarcoma bearing ratsRohini, G; Sabitha, K E; Devi, C S ShyamalaIJEB Vol.42(08) [August 2004]776-780
Effect of chronic ethanol administration on testicular antioxidant system and steroidogenic enzyme activity in ratsManeesh, M; Jayalekshmi, H; Dutta, Sanjiba; Chakrabarti, Amit; Vasudevan, D MIJEB Vol.43(05) [May 2005]445-449
Effect of pretreatment of Cassia fistula Linn. leaf extract against subacute CCl4 induced hepatotoxicity in ratsPradeep, K; Mohan, C Victor Raj; Anand, K Gobi; Karthikeyan, SIJEB Vol.43(06) [June 2005]526-530
Suicidal oxidative stress induced by certain antioxidantsKoshy, Ligy; Dwarakanath, B S; Raj, H G; Chandra, R; Mathew, T LazarIJEB Vol.41(11) [November 2003]1273-1278
Biochemical effects of Nigella sativa L seeds in diabetic ratsKaleem, M; Kirmani, D; Asif, M; Ahmed, Q; Bano, BilqeesIJEB Vol.44(09) [September 2006]745-748
Some novel approaches for radioprotection and the beneficial effect of natural productsMaurya, Dharmendra K; Devasagayam, Thomas P A; Nair, Cherupally Krishnan KIJEB Vol.44(02) [February 2006]93-114
Hepatotoxic effects of tert-butyl hydroperoxide (t-BHP) and protection by antioxidantsSingh, Sangram; Mehrotra, Sudhir; Pandey, Rajeev; Sandhir, RajatIJEB Vol.43(08) [August 2005]728-731
Protective role of allicin and L-ascorbic acid against the genotoxic damage induced by chlormadinone acetate in cultured human lymphocytesSiddique, Yasir Hasan; Afzal, MohammadIJEB Vol.43(09) [September 2005]769-772
Administration of aqueous extract of Desmodium gangeticum (L) root protects rat heart against ischemic reperfusion injury induced oxidative stressKurian, Gino A; Paddikkala, JoseIJEB Vol.47(2) [February 2009]129-135