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Title: Effectiveness of thermoil granodine against the corrosion of aluminum and Al-Cu alloy in chloride solutions
Authors: Kumar, B V Ram
Sarma, G V S
Sarma, C Bhaskara
Raju, G M J
Keywords: Linear polarization;Current-potential data;Thermoil granodine;Phosphatizing;Corrosion inhibition
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: CSIR
Abstract:  The corrosion of aluminum and aluminum-copper alloy in 0.1 N NaCl solution has been studied by linear polarization technique. Current-potential data were obtained from which Icorr values and corrosion rates were estimated using Stern-Geary equation and Faraday’s laws. The phosphatizing chemical, thermoil granodine (trade name) was used as the inhibitor to study the effect of inhibitor on the corrosion of Al and 4 % Cu – Al alloy in chloride solutions. The optimum inhibitor concentration for maximum inhibition was determined and the effectiveness of the inhibitor was evaluated. The inhibition efficiency ranged from 40 to 65% for pure aluminum and 70 to 96% for aluminum-copper alloy.
Page(s): 155-161
ISSN: 0971 – 457X
Appears in Collections:IJCT Vol.16(2) [March 2009]

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