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Aerosol optical depth variability in the northeastern Arabian sea during winter monsoon: a Study using in-situ and satellite measurements Chauhan, Prakash; Sanwlani, Nivedita; Navalgund, R RIJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]390-396
Occurrence and distribution of bacterial indicators and pathogens in coastal waters of OrissaPatra, Ajit Kumar; Acharya, Bhaskar Chandra; Mohapatra, AnilIJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]474-480
Coral disease prevalence in Mandapam group of islands, Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India Thinesh, T.; Mathews, G.; Edward, J. K. PattersonIJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]444-450
Lipid profiles of Threadfin bream (Nemipterus japonicus) organsNazeer, R A; Kumar, N S Sampath; Naqash, Shabeena Yousuf; Radhika, R; Kishore, Rahul; Bhatt, Sivani RIJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]461-463
Effect of Miocene paleoceanographic changes on the benthic foraminiferal diversity at ODP site 754A (southeastern Indian Ocean) Rai, Ajai Kumar; Maurya, Abhayanand SinghIJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]423-431
Textural characteristics of the surface sediments of a tropical mangrove Sundarban ecosystem India.Ramanathan, AL.; Rajkumar, K.; Majumdar, Jayjit; Singh, Gurmeet; Behera, P.N.; Santra, S C; Chidambaram, SIJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]397-403
Nutrient dynamics in the two lakes of Kerala, IndiaSujatha C.H; Benny, Nify; Raveendran, Ranjitha; Fanimol C.L; Samantha N.K.IJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]451-456
Wave dissipation characteristics of arrays of crater type barriersNeelamani, S.; Al-Ragum, A.IJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]418-422
Natural and anthropogenic threats to olive ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys olivacea) at the rushikulya rookery of Orissa coast, India Tripathy, Basudev; Rajasekhar, P SIJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]439-443
Effect of salinity and dissolved nutrients on the occurrence of some seaweeds in Manakkudy estuaryJansi, M.; Ramadhas, V.IJMS Vol.38(4) [December 2009]470-473