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Nature Inspired heuristic approach to balance the resource in the multiple distribution centersDhanalakshmi, R; Vadivel, A; Chandrasekaran, R M; Parthiban, PJSIR Vol.74(02) [February 2015]77-81
Fuzzy Quantitative Approach to Prioritize Green Factors in Supply ChainParthiban, P; Amalaldhasan, S; Dhanalakshmi, RJSIR Vol.76(07) [July 2017]401-407
Evaluation and Ranking of Criteria Affecting the Supplier’s Performance of a Heavy Industry by Fuzzy AHP MethodPrashanth, K D; Parthiban, P; Dhanalakshmi, RJSIR Vol.77(05) [May 2018]268-270
ANT Mobility Model in Wireless Networks Using Network SimulatorDhanalakshmi, R; Dominic, P D D; Muruganantham, G; Parthiban, PJSIR Vol.76(07) [July 2017]419-422
Shortest Path Routing in Solar Powered WSNs Using Soft Computing TechniquesDhanalakshmi, R; Vadivel, A; Parthiban, PJSIR Vol.76(01) [January 2017]23-27
Feature Selection and Classification of Microarray Data for Cancer Prediction Using MapReduce Implementation of Random Forest AlgorithmDhanalakshmi, R; Khaire, Utkarsh MJSIR Vol.78(03) [March 2019]158-161
Boosting a Hybrid Model Recommendation System for Sparse Data using Collaborative Filtering and Deep LearningValarmathi, P; Dhanalakshmi, R; Rajagopalan, NarendranJSIR Vol.79(06) [June 2020]499-502
Assessment and Implementation of Lean and Green Supply Chain in Medium Scale Automobile Industries using AHP and Fuzzy TOPSISNarayana, S N Sathiya; Parthiban, P; Anbuchezhian; Dhanalakshmi, RJSIR Vol.79(08) [August 2020]720-726
Evaluation of the Performance and Ranking of Suppliers of a Heavy Industry by TOPSIS MethodPrashanth, K Dharun; Parthiban, P; Dhanalakshmi, RJSIR Vol.79(02) [February 2020]144–147
Hybrid Cohort Rating Prediction Technique to leverage Recommender SystemDhanalakshmi, R; Sinha, B BJSIR Vol.78(07) [July 2019]411-414