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Optimization of Production Conditions and Partial Characterization of Extracellular Amylase from Bacillus Subtilis under Submerged ConditionPunia, P; Kaushik, S; Jyoti, AJSIR Vol.75(06) [June 2016]371-377
Integrated DEA-ANOVA for performance assessment and optimization of telecommunication sectors in Central AsiaAzadeh, A; Ataei, G R; Izadbakhsh, H; Asadzadeh, S M; Bukhari, AJSIR Vol.69(05) [May 2010]330-341
Stress analysis and Design Optimization of Piston Slipper assembly in an Axial Piston PumpChoudhuri, Kishan; Chakraborty, Sujoy; Chakraborti, Prasun; Dutta, PrasenjitJSIR Vol.73(05) [May 2014]318-323
Optimization of durian peel based activated carbon preparation conditions for ammoniacal nitrogen removal from semi-aerobic landfill leachateKamaruddin, Mohamad Anuar; Yusoff, Mohd Suffian; Ahmad, Mohd AzmierJSIR Vol.70(07) [July 2011]554-560
AhmadKamaruddin, Mohamad Anuar; Yusoff, Mohd Suffian; Ahmad, Mohd AzmierJSIR Vol.70(07) [July 2011]554-560
Optimization of multiple-machining criteria in electrochemical machining of aluminum composites using design of experimentsRao, Sadineni Rama; Padmanabhan, G.JSIR Vol.73(04) [April 2014]251-257
Evaluation of Upstream Process parameters influencing the growth associated PHA accumulation in Bacillus sp. Ti3Israni, N; Shivakumar, SJSIR Vol.74(05) [May 2015]290-295
Optimal common cycle time for a multi-item production system with discontinuous delivery policy and failure in reworkChiu, Yuan-Shyi Peter; Lin, Hong-Dar; Cheng, Feng-Tsung; Hwang, Ming-HonJSIR Vol.72(07) [July 2013]435-440
Isolation, Screening and Optimization of Xylanase Production in Submerged Fermentation Using P.citrinum.Ghoshal, G; Banerjee, U C; Shivhare, U SJSIR Vol.74(07) [July 2015]400-405
The optimization of some extracellular enzymes biosynthesis by Aspergillus niger 377-4Wikiera, A; Mika, M; Janiszewska, A S; Zyla, KJSIR Vol.74(03) [March 2015]145-149