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Visualizing museums through the visitors’ eye: An n-gram model-based text analysis approachGhosh, Shatadal; Bagchi, Manash; Gangopadhyay, Jayant; Dasgupta, Nataraj; Kumar, AnuragJST Vol.09(1-2) [January-June 2021]21-32
Film-centric promotion of scientific temper: A study of screening grassroots technological innovation short science films at schools across IndiaRahman, M; Anu; Kumari, N K PrasannaJST Vol.09(1-2) [January-June 2021]8-20
For a scientifically conscious and environmentally aware generation: The role of KSSP and Eureka in KeralaJayalakshmi, E.JST Vol.09(1-2) [January-June 2021]77-90
Mobile Science Exhibition: An Impact Assessment StudyGrover, Rajesh; Batish, Sheeraj; Brar, LoveleenJST Vol.09(1-2) [January-June 2021]61-76
Hands-on exploration of Tessellation and Fractal Mapping on a Tiling Wall to enhance interest in doing Maths in non-formal settingsGhose, AditiJST Vol.09(1-2) [January-June 2021]33-60
Understanding scientific rationality through scientific discoveryVenu, SudhakarJST Vol.09(1-2) [January-June 2021]110-126
Interventions to promote, propagate & popularise science in schoolsVarghese, ManojJST Vol.09(1-2) [January-June 2021]97-109
Health Science Communication: Analysis of popular health science literature in Kannada languageGopalakrishna, N.JST Vol.09(1-2) [January-June 2021]91-96
COVID-19 Bulletin: A Timely & Credible Communicative Tool to Address ‘Infodemic’VARGHESE, MANOJJST Vol.09(3-4) [July-Dec 2021]238-249
Science Popularisation during COVID-19 Pandemic: Participants Perspective on e-learningPATHAK, RITESH; GROVER, RAJESH; JERATH, NEELIMAJST Vol.09(3-4) [July-Dec 2021]225-237