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Scientific Racism faced by Indian Fingerprint Scientists during Colonial Rule: Need to correct a Historical WrongSODHI, G. S.; KAUR, JASJEETJST Vol.10(1-2) [January-June 2022]52-69
Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray and Quest for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Colonial IndiaDAS, ANUP KUMAR; DUTTA, BIDYARTHIJST Vol.10(1-2) [January-June 2022]70-78
Science for Freedom Exploring Scientists’ Role in the Freedom StruggleSINGH, SATVIRJST Vol.10(1-2) [January-June 2022]6-21
Science as a tool for subjugation: An analysis of British rule in IndiaGOVIND, MADHAV; YADAV, NIKHILJST Vol.10(1-2) [January-June 2022]22-36
Indian Science and Technology during the Freedom Struggle: A ‘Science Diplomacy’ PerspectiveKUMAR, HEMANT; NAMRATAJST Vol.10(1-2) [January-June 2022]79-96
Establishing Colonial Hegemony through Science: A Study of British India and Robinson’s Mars TrilogyRAJ, ADITYA; PRASAD, STUTIJST Vol.10(1-2) [January-June 2022]37-51
Ecocentric Approach of Science from the Perspective of Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore: Exploring Sustainability and Ethics amidst British ColonialismP.A, SABAREESH; A.L, REETA SONYJST Vol.10(1-2) [January-June 2022]121-131
Science Diplomacy and Indian Freedom Movement: A Retrospective View of Events during the 1870s-1940sKANAGARAJAN, SHREEDHAR; SONY, REETAJST Vol.10(1-2) [January-June 2022]97-109
Growth of Scholarly Societies and Their Activities in Pre-Independent India: A ReconnaissanceTRIPATHI, MANORAMA; DAS, ANUP KUMARJST Vol.10(1-2) [January-June 2022]110-120
Science and Knowledge as a Tool of Subjugation Perspectives of European Colonialism in IndiaP.A., SABAREESH; A.L., REETA SONYJST Vol.10(3) [July-September 2022]177-190