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Molecular interaction of aspartic acid in aqueous metal chloride solution — Volumetric, viscometric, acoustical and optical studiesUmaley, K D; Aswar, A SIJCT Vol.19(4) [July 2012]295-302
Numerical investigation of stratified flow-parallel reaction microchannel system: A deterministic approachAntony, Rahul; Nandagopal, Giri M S; Rangabhashiyam, S; Anu, N; Selvaraju, NIJCT Vol.22(5) [September 2015]258-263
Prediction of AHAS inhibition by sulfonylurea herbicides using genetic algorithm and artificial neural networkSaidi, A; Mirzaei, MIJCT Vol.23(2) [March 2016]121-130
Bio-chemical leaching of kaolinite-hematite-boehmite type bauxite oreGurevich, Yu L; Teremova, M I; Bondarenko, G N; Kislan, S L; AbhilashIJCT Vol.22(5) [September 2015]248-252
Study on residence time distribution of CSTR using CFDKhapre, Akhilesh; Rajavathsavai, Divya; Munshi, BasudebIJCT Vol.23(2) [March 2016]114-120
Micellar effects on the complex formation reaction of copper (II) with ciprofloxacinPanda, Akshya Kumar; Bhattamisra, S DIJCT Vol.22(5) [September 2015]253-257
Synthesis and characterization of solid electrolyte structure material (LiAlO2) using different kinds of lithium and aluminum compounds for molten carbonate fuel cells Özkan, Göksel; Ergençoğlu, Vecihe İncirkuş; Özkan, GülayIJCT Vol.23(3) [May 2016]227-231
Adsorption of VOC on steam activated carbon derived from coconut shell charcoalAnuradha, S; Raj, K Joseph Antony; Elangovan, T; Viswanathan, BIJCT Vol.21(5-6) [September-November 2014]345-349
Influence of operational parameters on photomineralization of Evans blue by Ag-TiO2 compositeShintre, Surabhi; Thakur, PragatiIJCT Vol.23(3) [May 2016]232-236
Modeling catalytic naphtha reforming process using discrete lumping approachMohaddecy, Reza Seif; Sadighi, SepehrIJCT Vol.21(5-6) [September-November 2014]309-320