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Separation of nickel from cobalt as its chlorosulphate on silica gel layer with solvents containing formic acidMohammad, AliIJCT Vol.02(4) [July 1995]233-235
TLC of aromatic amines: Separation of p-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde from p-DimethylaminocinnamaldehydeMohammad, Ali; Ajmal, Mohammad; Anwar, ShahanaIJCT Vol.07(2) [March 2000]87-89
Chromato-spectrophotometric determination of cobalt with preliminary separation from nickel on tributyl phosphate impregnated layers prepared from silica gel and stannic arsenate gel mixtureMohammad, Ali; Najar, P A Mohamed; Iraqi, EramIJCT Vol.06(1) [January 1999]38-42
Chromatography of heavy metal cations with formic acid containing mobile phases: Effect of added organic solvents and surfactants on the mobility of cationsMohammad, Ali; Sirwal, Yasir HamidIJCT Vol.11(5) [September 2004]726-731
Investigation of the migration behaviour of aromatic amines on silica layer using nonionic surfactant containing mobile phases: Mixed surfactants assisted separationsMohammad, Ali; Khan, Iftkhar AlamIJCT Vol.08(4) [July 2001]244-251
Sorption behaviour of certain metal ions in normal-phase and reversed-phase TLC using layers of silica-zirconium tungstophosphate gelsMohammad, Ali; Iraqi, EramIJCT Vol.07(5) [September 2000]223-226
TLC studies and separation of heavy metal cations on soil amended silica gel layers developed with surfactant-mediated solvent systemsMohammad, Ali; Jabeen, NahedIJCT Vol.10(1) [January 2003]79-86
Green analytical method for identification of amino acids, vitamins and sugars with preliminary separation on HPTLC platesMohammad, Ali; Siddiq, Asma; Moheman, Abdul; El-Desoky, Gaber EIJCT Vol.20(3) [May 2013]180-184
Identification and separation of cationic and non-ionic surfactants by reversed phase thin layer chromatographyMohammad, Ali; Gupta, RubiIJCT Vol.15(3) (May 2008)271-276
Reversed phase thin layer chromatography of five co-administered drugs with surfactant modified solvent systemsMohammad, Ali; Sharma, Sudhanshu; Bhawani, Showkat AhmadIJCT Vol.16(4) [July 2009]344-350