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Hexavalent chromium removal using iron bearing industrial sludgesSingh, I B; Singh, D RIJCT Vol.08(6) [November 2001]487-495
V2O5 accelerated hot corrosion of nickel in alkali sulphates meltSingh, I BIJCT Vol.05(3) [May 1998]163-166
Corrosion behaviour of sol-gel Al2O3 coated Al-Si alloy in 3.5% NaCl solutionSingh, I B; Singh, M; Das, S; Yegneswaran, A HIJCT Vol.17(6) [November 2010]419-424
Study on the fluoride removal characteristics of mineral (fluorapatite)Singh, I B; Prasad, MIJCT Vol.11(2) [March 2004]185-189
A comparative corrosion studies of LM13 alloy, LM13-10%SiCp composite and cast iron in NaCl solutionSingh, I B; Singh, M; Das, S; Gupta, Anil KIJCT Vol.19(6) [November 2012]385-391
Immobilization of toxic metals of industrial waste via low temperature vitrificationSingh, I B; Chaturvedi, KIJCT Vol.22(3-4) [May-July 2015]162-166
Characterization of corrosion resistance properties of sol-gel alumina coating in mine water environmentRuhi, G; Modi, O P; Jha, A K; Singh, I BIJCT Vol.16(3) [May 2009]216-220
Effect of Cr(VI) - Fe(II) interaction on the corrosion resistances of iron at different pH in dichromate solutionsSingh, I B; Venkatachari, G; Singh, D R; Singh, M; Yegneswaran, A HIJCT Vol.12(6) [November 2005]635-640
Effect of NaCI addition on the voltage noise characteristics during oxidation ofiron in NaNO3-NaNO2 meltSingh, I B; Venkatachari, GIJCT Vol.04(3) [May 1997]163-166
Investigations of leachability characteristics of metal contaminants from plating and galvanising solid wastes by TCLPSingh, I B; Mudgal, M; Mishra, Alka; Dawar, Divya; Chakradhar, BIJCT Vol.04(6) [November 1997]298-302