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Adsorption equilibrium, isotherm, kinetics, and thermodynamic of modified bentonite for removing Rhodamine BYuzhen, Li; Huang, Zhihui; Xia, Yunsheng; Shi, Jianhui; Gao, LizhenIJCT Vol.27(2) [March 2020]116-125
Investigation of adsorption of metronidazole on Chitosan - Halloysite nanocomposites and controlled releaseÖztekin, Merve; YeşimSağAçıkelIJCT Vol.27(2) [March 2020]101-115
Green corrosion inhibitor from leaves of Purple Knight Hedge plant for mild steel in 1 M HCl medium: Electrochemical, gravimetric, adsorption and SEM studiesHazra, Surajit; Mukhopadhyay, Shipra; Adhikari, UtpalIJCT Vol.27(5) [September 2020]395-403
Enhanced adsorption of fluoride by common potters’clay surface modified by zirconium oxide particlesKalita, Paran Jyoti; Saikia, Jitu; Sarmah, Susmita; Goswamee, Rajib LochanIJCT Vol.28(1) [January 2021]23-35
Removal of Rose Bengal dye from aqueous solutions using biosorbent obtained from Mangifera indicaSriram, Aswin G; Swaminathan, GanapathiramanIJCT Vol.27(2) [March 2020]174-184
Kinetics and equilibrium studies for methylene blue removal from simulated wastewater effluents using agricultural waste, Parthenium hysterophorus L.Chopra, Indu; Singh, Pradeep Kumar; Singh, Shashi BalaIJCT Vol.27(4) [July 2020]274-282
Sugarcane trash ash: A low cost adsorbent for atrazine and fipronil removal from waterYadav, Shubham; Singh, NeeraIJCT Vol.27(4) [July 2020]319-325
Kinetics and isotherm studies for adsorptive removal of methylene blue from aqueous solutions using organoclayPatanjali, Pooja; Chopra, Indu; Mandal, Abhishek; Singh, RajeevIJCT Vol.28(1) [January 2021]86-93
Application of walnut tree sawdust modified with KMnO4 for removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution in batch system: Isotherm, kinetic and thermodynamic studiesOstovar, Fariba; Pourkarim, SaeedIJCT Vol.28(1) [January 2021]94-101
Study on the relationship between the oxidation degree of GO and the adsorption capacity for Pb2+Xiao, Liu; Zihang, Zhou; Qi, Lisi; Yan, LiuIJCT Vol.27(6) [November 2020]461-469