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Herbal and traditional medicines pharmacovigilance for holistic treatmentArya, Prabha; Singh, Kamana; Sharma, Divya; Dhobi, Mahaveer; Gupta, Kamal Kumar; Singh, Indrakant K; Nissapatorn, Veeranoot; L, Ram Sunil Kumar; Kayesth, Jyoti; Kayesth, SunilIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]13-21
Effect of different extraction solvents on the content of Thymoquinone content of Nigella sativa L. seeds using UV-Visible spectroscopy and evaluation of the free radical scavenging activityWei, Patricia Lee Yee; Xin, Chung Kah; Akowuah, Gabriel AkyiremIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]22-27
Role of green tea catechins in modulating stromal-epithelial interaction in prostate cellsDevi, Nandana; Nagesh, A Muni; Jala, Moses Azaraiah; Gupta, Surabhi; Chaturvedi, Pradeep Kumar; Kumar, Neeraj; Sandeep, Kumar; Pandey, DeepakIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]28-36
Elucidation of drug-like properties in metabolites of Curcuma angustifolia RoxbMangangcha, Irengbam Rocky; Shankar, Vinay; Evelin, HeikhamIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]37-49
Curcumin ameliorates oxidative stress in red blood cells during ageingKumar, Akshay; Maurya, Pawan KumarIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]50-54
Study of drug-like characteristics of bioactive compounds identified from Dicranella pseudosubulata Müll. Hal. ex GanguleeMossang, Pherkop; Chimyang, Nonya; Shankar, Vinay; Uniyal, P. L.; Mangangcha, Irengbam Rocky; Evelin, HeikhamIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]55-66
Antioxidant potential and in vitro cytotoxicity study of Saraca indica extract on lead-induced toxicity in HepG2 and HEK293 cell linesShivhare, Brijesh; Pandey, Maneesha; Kumar, RameshIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]67-74
Different extraction methods for Thymoquinone from Nigella sativa L. seeds and antioxidant activityChung, Kah Xin; Wei, Patricia Lee Yee; Akowuah, Gabriel AkyiremIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]75-80
Synthesis, characterization and antibiotic capabilities of microspheres loaded with essential oilsAsha, Choudhary; Usha, Rani; Kumar, Salar Raj; Rajesh, ThakurIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]81-88
Impact of geographical location on the polyphenolic content of Nigella sativa seed extract and the relative anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential thereof: A comparative studyRini, Singhal; Shweta, Verma; Vijender, Singh; Sakshi, BajajIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]89-96
GCMS analysis and mosquitocidal effects of petroleum ether extract of Datura stramonium and Morus alba against Aedes aegyptiSrivastava, Neha; Khandagle, Abhay; Morey, Rashmi; Raut, KishoreIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]97-106
Protective effect of ellagic acid on erythrocytes subjected to oxidative stress during human ageingDeepika; Maurya, Pawan KumarIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]107-111
Inhibition of biofilm growth of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria on tuned polyurethane nanofibersKhan, Rumysa Saleem; Wani, Taha Umair; Rather, Anjum Hamid; Rafiq, Muheeb; Sheikh, Faheem AIJNPR Vol.13(4) [March 2023]112-121
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13