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Adsorption behaviour of Pb(II), Cd(II) and Zn(II) on NALCO plant sandMohapatra, M; Khatun, S; Anand, SIJCT Vol.16(4) [July 2009]291-300
Anti-inflammatory effect of dikaempferol rhamnopyranoside, a diflavonoid from Eugenia jambolana Lam. LeavesLingaraju, MC; Anand, S; Begum, J; Balaganur, V; Kumari, RR; Bhat, RA; More, AS; Kumar, D; Bhadoria, BK; Tandan, SKIJEB Vol.54(12) [December 2016]801-807
Application of ⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy to hydrometallurgyAnand, S; Verma, H CIJPAP Vol.45(10) [October 2007]800-804
Economical and thermal optimization of possible options to control visible plume from wet cooling towersTyagi, S K; Park, S R; Tyagi, V V; Anand, SIJPAP Vol.47(08) [August 2009]597-608
Kinetics and mechanism of the reaction of hydroxopentaaquarhodium(III) ion with L-aspartic acid in aqueous mediaMohanty, S; Anand, S; Mohanty, PIJC-A Vol.41A(06) [June 2002]1191-1194
Mn recovery from medium grade ore using a waste cellulosic reductantHariprasad, D; Dash, B; Ghosh, M K; Anand, SIJCT Vol.16(4) [July 2009]322-327
Note on the accident dose mapping of the fuel handling area of a fuel reprocessing plant using Monte Carlo techniquesAnand, S; Singh, Kapil Deo; Rana, Sanjay; Sharma, V KIJPAP Vol.50(11) [November 2012]821-824
Second law based performance of modified VAC hybrid heat pump system using NH3-H2O as the working fluidTyagi, S K; Kim, M S; Park, S R; Anand, SIJPAP Vol.48(03) [March 2010]212-219
Self sustained autogenous dissolution of medium grade manganese ore of Gujarat in NH3OHCl-H2SO4-H2O mediumHariprasad, D; Mohapatra, M; Rao, K Srinivasa; Anand, SIJCT Vol.21(1) [January 2014]63-69
Shield design for a hull neutron monitor using Monte Carlo techniquesAnand, S; Singh, Kapil Deo; Sharma, V KIJPAP Vol.50(07) [July 2012]527-530
The role of AlPO4-11 in the synthesis of bisphenol-A and cinnamic acidKumar, B V Suresh; Byrappa, K; Rai, K M Lokanatha; Anand, S; Rao, R VIJCT Vol.09(6) [November 2002]543-544