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Device for mechanoluminescence excitation by applying gradually varying pressure on the sampleRai, R K; Kher, R S; S A, Khan; Dhoble, S J; Upadhyay, A KIJPAP Vol.50(07) [July 2012]534-537
Dielectric behaviour and trapping in praseodymium doped calcium sulphide phophorsDubey, R N; Qureshi, M S; Singh, Vijay; Tiwari, Manoj; Dhoble, S JIJPAP Vol.41(01) [January 2003]40-45
Effect of deformation on the thermoluminescence of BaSO4:Tb phosphorsUpadhyay, A K; Gulhare, Vikas; Dhoble, S J; Kher, R SIJPAP Vol.49(06) [June 2011]382-384
Effect of Mg and P ions on photoluminescence characteristics of Li2SO4: Cu phosphorYerpude, A N; Puppalwar, S P; Dhoble, S J; Kumar, AnimeshIJPAP Vol.47(06) [June 2009]447-449
ESR and thermoluminescence studies of bismuth doped calcium sulphide phosphorsTiwari, Manoj; Singh, Vijay; Rao, T K Gundu; Dhoble, S JIJPAP Vol.42(05) [May 2004]323-325
Eu3+ luminescence in Na3SO4F and NaMgSO4F halosulphate phosphor for mercury-free lampsNagpure, I M; Dhoble, S J; Godbole, S V; Bhide, M K; Pode, R BIJEMS Vol.16(3) [June 2009]181-184
Luminescence in divalent impurity activated LiF single crystalsKher, R S; Dhoble, S J; Khokhar, M S K; Chougaonkar, MIJPAP Vol.40(12) [December 2002]867-872
Luminescence studies of MgSO₄:Dy phosphorsKher, R S; Upadhyay, A K; Dhoble, S J; Khokhar, M S KIJMS Vol.37(3) [September 2008]607-610
Luminescence studies of SrS and CaS based phosphorsSingh, Vijay; Tiwari, Manoj; Dhoble, S JIJPAP Vol.43(02) [February 2005]100-103
Mechanoluminescence and thermoluminescence studies of gamma irradiated sodium chloride single crystals and microcrystalline powder doped with dysprosiumKalra, M; Kher, R S; Dhoble, S J; Upadhyay, A KIJPAP Vol.52(09) [September 2014]597-603
Mechanoluminescence of -irradiated saltKher, R S; Panigrahi, A K; Dhoble, S J; Khokhar, M S KIJPAP Vol.44(03) [March 2006]227-229
Phosphors MMgAl₁₀O₁₇: Eu,Dy (M=Ba,Sr,Ca) irradiated by Cs¹³⁷ for thermoluminescence dosimetryDhoble, S J; Bramhe, G V; Sonkawade, R G; Moharil, S VIJPAP Vol.46(10)) [October 2008]695-697
Rare earth Ce3+, Dy3+ activated Li2BPO5 phosphors for lyoluminescence dosimetryPuppalwar, S P; Dhoble, S J; Kumar, AnimeshIJPAP Vol.49(04) [April 2011]239-244
Decay behaviour of CaS phosphors activated by Ce3+, Na+ and Cu+ Tiwari, Manoj; Singh, Vijay; Dhoble, S J; Awasthi, O NIJPAP Vol.41(11) [November 2003]894-896
Determination of kinetic parameters of TL of Eu-doped LiNaF2Puppalwar, S P; Dhoble, S JIJPAP Vol.50(11) [November 2012]855-858
One step synthesis of Cu+ activated Li2BPO5 low Z phosphor for thermoluminescence dosimetryDhoble, S J; Puppalwar, S P; Dhoble, N S; Mohanty, A KIJPAP Vol.50(07) [July 2012]520-523
Study of cold light emission on mechanical deformation of -rays irradiated Ce3+ activated potassium bromide phosphor for radiation dosimetryBhujbal, P M; Dhoble, S JIJPAP Vol.50(01) [January 2012]34-37
Temperature dependence of anti-stokes luminescence in ZBLAN: Pr3+Sengar, S; Dhoble, S J; Raghuvanshi, D S; Chandra, B PIJPAP Vol.41(07) [July 2003]575-577
Synthesis of CaB4O7:Dy phosphorDhoble, S J; Shahare, D I; Moharil, S VIJPAP Vol.42(04) [April 2004]299-301
Upconversion luminescence in Eu3+ activated SrAl12O19 nanophosphorDeshmukh, Abhay D; Dhoble, S J; Kumar, Animesh; Peshwe, D R; Godbole, S V; Bhide, M KIJPAP Vol.47(06) [June 2009]444-446