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Assimilation of satellite altimeter data in a multilayer Indian Ocean circulation modelBasu, Sujit; Bhatt, Vihang; Kumar, Raj; Agarwal, Vijay K.IJMS Vol.32(3) [September 2003]181-193
Assimilation of significant wave height from EnviSAT in coastal wave model using optimum interpolation at variable wave height rangesBhowmick, Suchandra A; Kumar, Raj; Chaudhuri, SutapaIJMS Vol.43(1) [January 2014]22-26
Behaviour of acoustical phonons in CeAs in low temperature regionSingh, Devraj; Bhalla, Vyoma; Kumar, Raj; Tripathi, SudhanshuIJPAP Vol.53(03) [March 2015]169-174
Biodegradation of polyvinyl alcohol adsorbed on granular activated carbonSophia, A Josephine Antonette; Dave, Khooshbu; Shah, Yamini; Kumar, RajIJBT Vol.16(4) [October 2017]551-556
Dependence of Total Column Ozone on Different Solar Activity FeaturesMathpal, Mahesh Chandra; Joshi, Alankrita; Kumar, Raj; Pande, Seema; Pande, BimalIJPAP Vol.62(03) [March 2024]245-255
Effect of pre-weld tempers on mechanical and microstructural behavior of dissimilar friction stir welds of AA2014 and AA7075Kumar, Raj; Upadhyay, Vikas; Sharma, ChaitanyaIJEMS Vol.28(6) [December 2021]574-582
Efficiency of Energy Conversion in Non-linear Electroosmotic EffectsKumar, RajIJC-A Vol.19A(06) [June 1980]508-510
Electroosmosis of Aqueous Solutions of the Chlorides of Sodium, Barium & Aluminium Across Pyrex & Zeokarb 226 MembranesRastogi, R. P.; Singh, Kehar; Singh, Jhulan; Kumar, RajIJC-A Vol.14A(10) [October 1976]729-731
Electroosmosis of Methanol-Water Mixtures Across Pyrex G4 Membrane: Excess Phenomenological CoefficientsSingh, Kehar; Shabd, Ram; Kumar, Raj; Pande, M. M.IJC-A Vol.19A(11) [November 1980]1062-1064
Electroosmotic Transport Across Amphoteric & Layered Membranes Obtained from Anionic Dowex I & Cationic Zeokarb 225Singh, Kehar; Kumar, RajIJC-A Vol.17A(06) [June 1979]539-543
Electrophoresis of Dowex I (Cl- fonn) Dispersed in Methanol-Water Mixtures & Estimation of Zeta-potentialsSingh, Kehar; Kumar, RajIJC-A Vol.18A(01) [July 1979]10-12
Estimation of ocean wave periods by spaceborne altimetersSarkar, Abhijit; Kumar, Raj; Mohan, MIJMS Vol.27(1) [March 1998]43-45
Podophyllum L.: An endergered and anticancerous medicinal plant–An overviewChaurasia, OP; Ballabh, B; Tayade, A; Kumar, Raj; Kumar, G Phani; Singh, SBIJTK Vol.11(2) [April 2012]234-241
Impact of altimeter-derived river discharge on Bay of Bengal salinity: A case study for 1998 and 2002Sharma, Rashmi; Agarwal, Neeraj; Kumar, Raj; Basu, SujitIJMS Vol.44(10) [October 2015]1489-1494
Improvement in wave forecast using data assimilative coastal wave modelBhowmick, Suchandra A; Kumar, Raj; Basu, Sujit; Sarkar, Abhijit; Agarwal, Vijay KIJMS Vol.38(2) [June 2009]142-150
Interferometry based security hologram readable with an encoded key hologramAggarwal, A K; Kaura, Sushil K; Sharma, Amit K; Kumar, Raj; Chhachhia, D PIJPAP Vol.42(11) [November 2004]816-819
An ocean wave transformation model for shallow watersVarma, A. K.; Kishtawal, C.M.; Kumar, Raj; Prakash, W. J.; Pandey, P. C.; Singh, K. P.IJMS Vol.27(1) [March 1998]76-81
On the Estimation of Equivalent Pore RadiusSingh, Kehar; Kumar, RajIJC-A Vol.17A(06) [June 1979]607-609
On the Estimation of Zeta-Potential from Electroosmotic Flux DataSingh, Kehar; Kumar, RajIJC-A Vol.15A(07) [July 1977]642-644
On the state stability of the Steady StatesSrivastava, M. L.; Kumar, Raj; Bajpai, A. K.IJC-A Vol.15A(06) [June 1977]548-549