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Abrasive water jet machining of carbon epoxy composite: Cutting performance, predictive models and optimizationDhanawade, Ajit; Kumar, ShailendraIJEMS Vol.26(3&4) [June & August 2019]265-275
Aplastic anemia patients with severe COVID-19 showed abnormal ultrastructure features on type II pneumocytes of lungsChaudhary, Shikha; Yadav, Ravi P; Kumar, Shailendra; Yadav, Subhash CIJBB Vol.60(08) [August 2023]589-595
Apoptosis: A mitochondrial perspective on cell deathMishra, Neerad C; Kumar, ShailendraIJEB Vol.43(01) [January 2005]25-34
Awareness and use of e-resources in some Sri Lankan University LibrariesKulatunga, K.M. Rani K.; Kumar, ShailendraALIS Vol.64(3) [September 2017]202-203
Creation of the directory of participating institutions for NUCSSI using mini-micro CDS/ISISKumar, Shailendra; Lakshmi, V V; Kundu, S RALIS Vol.35(4) [December 1988]178-188
An empirical assessment of information literacy competency of social science researchers: a gender perspectiveSingh, Rajesh; Kumar, ShailendraALIS Vol.67(1) [March 2020]7-16
An expert system for design of progressive die for use in sheet metal industriesKumar, Shailendra; Singh, RajenderJSIR Vol.69(07) [July 2010]510-514
An expert system for selection of piloting for sheet metal work on progressive dieKumar, Shailendra; Singh, RajenderIJEMS Vol.15(3) [June 2008]774-779
Information evaluation skills of social science researchers: an assessmentSingh, Rajesh; Kumar, ShailendraALIS Vol.67(4) [December 2020]222-230
Microscopic imaging of bronchoalveolar fluids of COVID-19 positive intubated patients reveals the different level of SARS-CoV-2 infection on oral squamosal epithelial cellsChaudhary, Shikha; Rai, Preeti; Sesham, Kishore; Kumar, Shailendra; Singh, Prabhakar; Nag, Tapas Chandra; Chaudhuri, Pratima; Trikha, Anjan; Yadav, Subhash ChandraIJBB Vol.58(3) [June 2021]196-207
Modeling of an active suspension system with different suspension parameters for full vehicleKumar, Shailendra; Medhavi, Amit; Kumar, RaghuvirIJEMS Vol.28(1) [February 2021]55-63
Multi-performance optimization of abrasive water jet machining of carbon epoxy composite materialDhanawade, Ajit; Kumar, ShailendraIJEMS Vol.25(5) [October 2018]406-416
Research work at post-graduate level in library and information science - Dissertation study of D.U.& P.U.Kumar, Shailendra; Sharma, Ravinder KumarALIS Vol.34(3) [September 1987]119-124