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Biopolishing of cotton fabric with fungal cellulase and its effect on the morphology of cotton fibresSaravanan, D; Lakshmi, S N Sree; Raja, K Senthil; Vasanthi, N SIJFTR Vol.38(2) [June 2013]156-160
Bioprospecting potential of fast growing endophytic bacteria from leaves of mangrove and salt-marsh plant speciesGayathri, S; Saravanan, D; Radhakrishnan, M; Balagurunathan, R; Kathiresan, KIJBT Vol.9(4) [October 2010]397-402
Bleaching of cotton fabrics using hydrogen peroxide produced by glucose oxidaseSaravanan, D; Vasanthi, N S; Raja, K Senthil; Das, Arunava; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.35(3) [September 2010]281-283
Efficacy of solvent, alkali and pectinase on removal of non-cellulosics from cotton fibresNalankilli, G; Saravanan, D; Govindaraj, N; Harish, PIJFTR Vol.33(4) [December 2008]438-442
Investigations on Electrochemical Micro Drilling of Nickel Alloy using Taguchi based Grey ApproachRajendiran, K; Saravanan, D; Parthiban, P; Anandakrishan, VJSIR Vol.79(05) [May 2020]424-429
Modelling of sound absorption properties of sisal fibre reinforced paper pulp composites using regression modelTholkappiyan, E; Saravanan, D; Jagasthitha, R; Angeswari, T; Surya, V TIJFTR Vol.40(1) [March 2015]19-24
A novel approach to process cotton/long staple fibre blends on short staple ring frameSaravanan, D; Kumar, S SathisIJFTR Vol.34(1) [March 2009]47-51
Optimisation of multi-enzyme scouring process using Taguchi methodsSaravanan, D; Ramanathan, V A Arun; Karthick, P; Murugan, S Vel; Nalankilli, G; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.35(2) [June 2010]164-171
Optimization of thermophile Bacillus licheniformis -amylase desizing of cotton fabricsSaravanan, D; Prakash, A Arul; Jagadeeshwaran, D; Nalankilli, G; Ramachandran, T; Prabakaran, CIJFTR Vol.36(3) [September 2011]253-258
Antimicrobial effectiveness of Vitex negundo leaf extractsMohanraj, S; Vanathi, P; Sowbarniga, N; Saravanan, DIJFTR Vol.37(4) [December 2012]389-392
Thermal comfort properties of single jersey fabrics made from recycled polyester and cotton blended yarnsVadicherla, Thilak; Saravanan, DIJFTR Vol.42(3) [September 2017]318-324
Use of bacterial lipase for scouring of cotton fabricsRaja, K Senthil; Vasanthi, N S; Saravanan, D; Ramachandran, TIJFTR Vol.37(3) [September 2012]299-302