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Biodegradation of poultry feathers by a novel bacterial isolate Bacillus altitudinis GVC11Kumar, E Vijay; Srijana, M; Chaitanya, K; Reddy, Y Harish Kumar; Reddy, GopalIJBT Vol.10(4) [October 2011]502-507
Biotransformation of curcumin for improved biological activity and antiproliferative activity on acute HT-29 human cell linesPrasad, E; Hameeda, B; Rao, A Bhaskar; Reddy, GopalIJBT Vol.13(3) [July 2014]324-329
Fermentative production of lactase from Lactobacillus amylophilus GV6Mahalakshmi, S; Kumar, Kiran K; Hameeda, B; Reddy, GopalJSIR Vol.72(09-10) [September-October 2013]548-552
Formation constants of ternary complexes of some divalent metal ionsReddy, Gopal; Satyanarayana, S; Reddy, K VeeraIJC-A Vol.28A(04) [April 1989]337-339
Screening and interaction effects of physical parameters, total N content and buffer on L(+) lactic acid production in SSF by Lactobacillus amylophilus GV6 using Taguchi designsNaveena, B J; Altaf, Md; Bhadrayya, K; Reddy, GopalIJBT Vol.4(3) [July 2005]342-346
Selection of nutrients for polygalacturonase production by Aspergillus awamori MTCC 9166 using Plackett-Burman designAnuradha, K; Padma, P Naga; Venkateshwar, S; Reddy, GopalIJBT Vol.13(4) [October 2014]502-507
Ternary complexes of copper(II), nickel(II), cobalt(II)and zinc(II) with thiodiacetic acid and various secondary ligandsReddy, Gopal; Satyanarayana, S; Reddy, K VeeraIJC-A Vol.29A(05) [May 1990]500-503
Wheat Bran an Inexpensive Substrate for Production of Lactic Acid in Solid State Fermentation by Lactobacillus amylophilus GV6 —Optimization of Fermentation ConditionsNaveena, B J; Vishnu, C; Altaf, Md; Reddy, GopalJSIR Vol.62(05) [May 2003]453-456